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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some Thoughts on Travel

Have you ever noticed that using someone else's computer is kind of like borrowing their clothes? Is that just me?

I settle down to write.... and it's all wrong.

The chair is not MY chair. The favorite aren't MY favorites. I can't even log into to my blog automatically because the ISP isn't MY ISP.

The world feels just slightly off kilter, as if tipped off two degrees off axis.

Maybe that's just me.

I've enjoyed the holidays. Sure, it's a shift from Carolina Pines to some northern variety and not noticable unless you happen to specialize in botany, but I notice a change. There's snow on the ground here for days in a row. That never happened in Alabama.

The houses here are laid out in a patchwork of centenarian farm houses mixed with younger houses from every decade. I'm actually hiding away in a house that is almost 120 years old. The bed is older than I am, but I think the drapes might have been bought in the last three decades, probably about the time I was four... Down in Alabama (and Texas before that) everything was built around the town square. I actually miss seeing the Town Square Lights in Johnson City, Texas.

Seeing a 100-year-old jail all lit up is part of the holiday tradition when we visit Texas. :o)

For my sanity I'm hiding up in my borrowed bedroom and have my laptop out. Look! My blog! My favorites! My Twitter account! Huzzah! It's like Christmas all over again!

Now all I need to do is catch up on my WIP, which has been abandoned since Thanksgiving.

*bites her nails*

Um... this is bad, folks. Real bad. EMT and the emergency trauma team bad. I've been away from my WIP for so long, I don't even know where I left off. I'm going to trying reading what I've written, and see what I can do from there.

How do you write when you travel?


  1. I hate using someone else's computer. Your analogy of wearing someone else's clothes is spot on, it's just all wrong.

    I have a netbook I use for writing outside the house. My laptop is too big to be hauling all over (ironically), so the netbook works perfectly for travel, and it's mine, so it still feels like "home" to write on. I've written on planes, in hotels, even in the car on my netbook - and before that, I wrote on my PDA with a foldable keyboard.

    Here's hoping you got reacquainted with your WIP...I bet it was happy to see you. ;-)

  2. I don't travel without my laptop. I think I'd go nuts trying to operate as usual on a strange computer. It's ok for checking email, but certainly not for writing.

    A little time away from your WIP might be a good thing. When doing that reaquainting read through usually discover some new twist I hadn't considered before. Best of luck to you in getting back into it. :)

  3. I have a laptop, I just didn't have it plugged in. :P

    Now that it's in I'm getting into the swing of things. I feel guilty hiding out in a bedroom like the princess trapped in a tower, but with all the family here for the holidays, and all the babies under foot it's the only way to write!