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Friday, October 8, 2010

One Sock, Two Sock, Red Sock, Blue Sock!

Fuzzy socks are the first sign of winter. The leaves are still green. The grass is still summer brown (drought!). The afternoons are still t-shirt and jeans weather.

But the fuzzy socks are in stores.

I love fuzzy socks! They were made for writing. Even editing is comfortable with silky soft fuzzy socks on your feet.

I have a whole collection of fuzzy socks, but my blue ones are old and I didn't have these beautiful apple-red socks yet. So, naturally, I wanted to buy both.

But that's greedy, so I put one pair back. But I wanted to buy both. So I decided to buy one pair "for a friend" but that meant picking just one friend to give fabulous fuzzy socks to and...

Look - If you can have an argument like this with yourself over SOCKS, you either need to be a fiction writer, or in the insane asylum because you have to much character.

I write fiction. That makes me safe, right?

I still don't want to pick just one friend.

Go ahead. Smile. You know how this ends...


1- Let's keep this simple. Follow the blog, leave a comment, and tell me if you want Red or Blue socks. If you feel like it, tell me what writing gear you have to have when you write or edit.
2- A winner will be drawn at random sometime after 9am EST Monday morning.
3- Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I don't suppose you'd go for one red sock and one blue sock, uh? Ok well red is my favorite colour, but those blue ones are pretty groovy. Ok, red.

  2. Fuzzy socks are evil. Winter is evil.

    Oh, all right, they're not too bad. I just really prefer mild weather over snow or extreme heat.

    Blue. (Though I should say red, because you bought the blue to replace the ones that you had.)

    But I probably shouldn't enter this contest since there's still the photo caption one for you to decide on. I don't want to hog prizes.

    As for what I have to have when writing/editing? I have to be in comfortable clothes. This means I'm in my pajama bottoms. I can't stand to sit around lounging in my jeans. They're just not as comfortable.

  3. You know, I could go one red and one blue. That would give me a conversation starter when people dropped by :o)

    The caption contest! Eeek! I was supposed to post about that!

    Here's the thing... I really can't pick, so you're both winners. And now you get to pick what I get to critique :o)

    I'll make that an official post later!

  4. That works. I'll look for the post when I get home from work. Very generous of you.

  5. I love fuzzy socks! I never seem to be able to find a matching pair, even if I buy the same color (light purple, dark purple). Hmm, I think I like blue.

    When I write I love to have my squishy micro bead pillow. Sometimes I use it as a arm cushion to give a little extra support while typing.

  6. Can I still have the socks if I say it doesn't matter what I have on when I write?

    Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and write in my pjs and other times I sit down the minute I walk in the door from work. I often end up with wrinkled dog-hair covered dry-clean only slacks because inspiration struck while I was driving home, and I didn't want to take time to change clothes.

    The only must-have is my laptop, although I prefer my comfy leather chair and ottoman. For some reason, I write better with my feet propped up.

    I like the blue. :)

  7. I *love* socks. Love them. And those look heavenly! :) Both colors.

    The thing I need to have when I'm writing or editing is time. I'm not one of those people who can squeeze in fifteen minutes here and there. I need an uninterrupted chunk of at least an hour. Otherwise, I'll find every excuse not to start.