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Friday, September 17, 2010

Pirates vs Ninjas?

Pirates vs Ninjas: Let's see, white sand beaches, shirtless men, and rum OR bald guys, full face covering, snow covered mountains, and possibly celibacy. Gosh. That's hard... PIRATES! You had me at white-sandy beaches.

Scarlett vs Baroness: One is a hyper-intelligent female in an elite fighting unit and the other is a French housewife. Yet, somehow, the French housewife has better guns, better aim, and better close-combat skills. Not to mention, Baroness gets all the hot boys. BARONESS!

East Coast vs West Coast: Really? Is this even a contest? WEST COAST, BABY! Ah... did you forget I was born in Cali? I love every California Girls song regardless of who's singing.

Batman vs Jason Bourne: Um, hello? How can you even ask this? Jason Bourne kills people with rolled up magazines. Batman... wears tights. I don't even see how this is a contest. BOURNE!

Jason Bourne vs Jason Wander: One is a high tech assassin trying to redeem himself after his wife's death and brother's murder (read the books!). The other is an eleven-bravo basic training reject who is in the army because of a too-leinient judge, orphaned by aliens, and the guy who saves the human race's bacon for forty consecutive years while burying people he loves and destroying alien bad guys with luck and sheer ingenuity. Um.... oh... so hard to pick... TIE! I'd probably punch Wander in the nose for being a brat, but how do you introduce Bourne to Mom and Dad?

Whose side are you on?

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