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Friday, September 24, 2010

One sunny Friday morning...

The Post You Didn't See- On the banning of the book SPEAK. I ranted for several pages, and felt the post wasn't what the world needed to hear. Short and Sweet: banning books is wrong. It doesn't matter what you think about a book. No one (in America) should be forcing you to read the book. If someone else wants to read it, that's there business.

Random Realization of the Week: Writing my recovering drug-addict in my WIP is easier than writing the straight-laced detective. I have no clue why, but the addict's Voice comes across as more authentic.

Random Winner of the Caption Contest....
Oh! See, here I have a problem. I have two favorites. So I either need to do a run-off, or give out two prizes.

Elena Solodow: Due to the recession, Han Solo and his friends audition at the My Little Pony Men's Club, hoping to make some cash.

Stephanie McGee: After getting banned from the Mos Eisley Cantina for shooting first, Han Solo set up his own establishment for all the Rebel Alliance to enjoy.

Should we give the ladies a second picture to caption? Take a vote? Or give them both a prize?


  1. I like them both! I'd have a hard time choosing...
    Happy weekend!!

  2. I know! That's me problem. Maybe I should give them both a prize?


  3. I shall keep my opinion to myself and await your decision.