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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beating Your Head Against a Brick Wall Doesn't Help

This is me, running past my computer in the five free seconds I have this week. How did things get this hectic? I honestly don't know. I just know that between 2pm and 10pm I don't have time to breath, let alone edit or write.

Edits are.

It's a zen thing. Edits are: horrible, evil, fun, laughable, not happening, going great, on schedule, driving me insane.

See? Very zen.

The more I edit Twisted Metal the less confident I feel about TM. I'm not sure if this is something that happens to all authors after two months of reading the same rough draft and trying to construct a new one on the wreckage of dream. Maybe it's just me.

Several of my friends are out in Queryland. A few are working on selling their books, or already have their books on the shelves. I just can't see putting Twisted Metal out there. Not because it's my baby and I'm not ready to let go, but because I just don't think it will ever be weighty enough to make a solid debut.

It's a fluffy book. SFR all the way. SFR can be phenomenal. Twisted Metal is... midlist and falling. Dull. Blah.

Writing is going much slower but somewhat better. There's actual conflict that engages the reader. Not just Character A worries about Thing C. My WIP might actually make readers think. Some people will probably be appalled by what happens. Others will secretly agree it's a good idea.

It's a book that could get banned.

Is it wrong that the idea that someone would ban my book is something I find encouraging?

I have no idea.

I'm enjoying the process of writing my WIP right now. It's not pure creation, I'm tweaking details here and there so the first rough should be cleaner than usual. I'm not rushing any deadlines, and that helps.

But I do need to rush off for now. Today is another crazy day. If I'm lucky, I can collapse in bed before 1am.

In the meantime.... Edits are. Writing isn't. Hate doesn't help, but forgiveness does.

Have a very balanced day!



  1. I'm currently in the middle of edits. Reading your own work is near-impossible, like trying to pull your eyes out and make them pretend they've never seen these words before.

    So edits are: numbing, but necessary.

  2. I'm about to finish my current WIP (over 100k) and I'm already dreading the first edit.

    The worst thing? I never wrote an initial outline. I'm doing that for the edit before I start it, so it's gonna be one hell of a ride...

    I'll try to keep my head up. It's gonna be a real pain seeing how badly I mutilated the plot and characters first time through though. >.<

  3. I hear you. I'm currently in the middle of edits and realized that my ending wasn't the end. So I need to cut out the start and perhaps part of the middle so that I can fit in the actual ending. And this is after about 6 MONTHS of editing. Gah!

  4. *editing cookies for Shannon*

    I've had books like that.