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Monday, August 9, 2010

The End... on Twisted Metal

It's over.

Twisted Metal is, well, it's not finished. It won't be finished until some reader happily reads the last page, closes the book, and demands to know when my next book hits the shelves. I have a few years before that can happen.

However, the first rough draft of Twisted Metal is done. The final word count is just a hair shy of 85,000 words. For sci-fi and SFR that's a respectable word count, not to high, not to low.

Formatted with double-spacing, 12 point font, and appropriate page breaks I'm printing out almost 400 pages to edit in the coming months.

And, yes, that's MONTHS.

Editing is not going to be an easy or overnight accomplishment. Twisted Metal is far from the perfect gem I envision. There are moments of brilliance and fire, but quite a lot of yuck and plot holes to fix before I will let my monstrosity wander out in public.

Refinement is needed.

I'm starting my morning with three little questions before I even open the manuscript for editing.

1- Why did I write this book? What was my inspiration and motive?

2- What did I want from my main character? Who was she supposed to be?

3- What was the story I wanted to tell when I started with page one?

Before I can get this story into shape, I need to know what shape I originally intended for it to be in. Scary, really. I probably should have planned this out BEFORE I wrote the book. But, this is life. I'll cope.

Watch the blogs for regular updates on this editing project (listed in the sidebar as Editing Warfare). I'll also be putting up regular posts on sustainable living, science in fiction, my new writing project (because editing isn't enough), and everything else under the sun. :o)


  1. Congrats and good luck with revisions!

  2. Congrats!...and Good Luck! Looking forward to watching the progress.