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Friday, August 6, 2010

Chapter 42

Remember when I posted those What Not To Do lists?


Let's add: Do not kill all the characters on the second to last chapter.


Okay, so the MMC is a genetically altered human who can shapeshift between a 600 pound lion and a very large human. The FMC isn't dead-dead, she's just stranded with little or no shelter on a moon with thin atmosphere and a daily temperature at 200 degrees.

He might survive, and is rescue arrives before sunrise, she might not bake to death.

The antagonist is gone for good, I just sent his shuttle spiraling into the nearest sun, and the secondary characters all ceased to exist three chapters ago because they were too much bother to write in.


Why won't it just end?

I have a new plot kicking in my brain, and I want to go play in the shiny new world. I've stuck with TM through thick and thin, and this is altogether to thin a plot line by half.

Yes, I know, this is what editing is for.

This is also why it usually takes me weeks to write a chapter.

I write 1/3 of the chapter, scream, cry, delete, rewrite, rinse, and repeat for days before I finally slam an ending hook on the chapter and move on to the next piece of drama.

In my heart of hearts I still think Twisted Metal has potential. It needs a new name, but it has potential. The editing is going to make WWI look like the Teddy Bear Picnic, but it's (probably) survivable.

With enough dark chocolate anything is survivable.

Also, I'm letting myself start Jane Doe. Is it bad to bribe myself to finish one book with the promise of writing another novel that I'll probably hate in six months for the exact same reasons?


That's discipline.

See? With the proper spin even dead main characters equal a Happily Ever After :o)


  1. Keep going! I love the concept of TM, and looking forward to read the drafty version. It won't be as bad as you think, I promise.

  2. *hugs*

    I'm sure you'll come to truly love this book as you write up the concluding chapters.

  3. Nayuleska- I'm holding you to that promise.

    Stephanie- LOL! *sigh* If only. Plot whore that I am, my brain is already off working on new book ideas. I'll force myself to finish today (ahead of schedule! yay!), but it's going to take some time before I really love this book again.

    I think Twisted Metal is officially entering the rebellious teenage years. Books age differently than people, and right now TM is about 13. It's making friends with abusive commas, dabbling in split infinitives, and wearing gaping plot holes as a fashion statement.

    There's potential, but TM is going to get worse before it gets better.