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Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Random

Random Conversation of the Week (aka Why I Own an 8-year Old):
Eldest: I weigh 46 momma.

Me: *blinks*

She holds up the measuring tape.

E: I weigh 46.

Me: No, sweetie, you're 46 inches tall. You need a scale to weigh yourself.

E: Where's the scale?

Me: At the doctors. We don't own one...

All of this so she could prove she's big enough to build a fish tank. Yes, somehow this was related to my command to put the jar down, get out of the bathroom sink, and stop harassing the goldfish. Apparently, Eldest took this to mean that I didn't think she was *big* enough to build a fish tank, rather than an expression of disapproval that she was attempting to flood the house.

I found the fish tank HERE. And, might I say, I do want that tank. I just hope the owner was able to fish his neighbor out...

Random Writing News of the Week: I was sidelined by a Shiny New Idea. I'm outlining it, and letting it go. But I did meet my writing quota!

Random Books I Read This Week:
Platoon Leader by McDonough, a non-fic Vietnam memoir. - An interesting view of Vietnam. I was born after the war and missed all the drama around it, but I like this view of one person. Is it glossed over in some places? Yes. Is it a good reference for writing about a war? Yes.

The Hittite by Ben Bova, a historical fiction novel. - A retelling of the fall of Troy. This was a different perspective, but kind of bland for my taste. I don't have much Bova in my collection, if I add this it will be for the Brain Candy factor. It was easy to read, quick, and the character has a good voice. It would make a good book for days when I don't want to think.

The Rosetta Key by Deitrich, a historical fiction novel. - Mmm, not finished with this yet and not sure I will. I'm not loving the main character's attitude. And right now, he's coming across as really stupid. I may skip to the end and see how it turns out.

What's your random? What are you reading this week?


  1. I have a random this week! The Boy told me weekends are like a glass of water and ice cubes are all the things we do on weekends. Too many ice cubes and there's not enough water to drink. Not enough ice cubes and the water isn't cold enough.

    okey dokey.

  2. Our vet has a fish tank like that... Right smack dab in the middle of the waiting room. I always wondered how they cleaned it out. :O

  3. For the record, I finished Rossetta Key. Good voice, but I think there's 100 extra pages. Towards the end it seemed we were repeating the same story line again, and again, and again.