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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Creation, Inspiration, and a Wednesday Challenge

While I spend my morning blog time tending to some spring cleaning I have some fun things for you to play with.

Inspiration of the morning... I listen to the radio while I drive in the morning and the weird news is always an excellent place to find new story ideas. Here are three from this morning.

1. Free Sunday at the Children's Museum and two women got into a fist fight, putting a hole in the wall. WHY?

2. At a viewing of a body two family members started a brawl. DID THE DEAD GUY JOIN? I'm sorry, I'm a horrible person, I picture someone grabbing the corpse and beating his cousin with it.

3. Elderly family member petitioned for money for a vacation. Pays $6,000 which is then used to hire a hit man to kill him. I WANT TO SEE THE SHORT STORY.

Creation.... It's springtime! Officially, even though it's snowing in some places. This means it's time to stretch out and create something new. I'm going to try painting. This is not an artistic talent that I naturally possess, but I'm teaching color wheels and painting at the school on Friday so I'm going to learn Really Quick. I'll try to post pictures with the Friday Random, meanwhile, you show me what you're creating.

I love to laugh. The mark of a great book is one that can make me laugh, cry, and think. Although if the only reason I cry is because the book is over and the next book by the author doesn't come out until November and I'm in withdrawal *DEEP BREATH* That's okay too.

Today I want you to find me something funny. Did you write a tongue-in-cheek blog post? Did you see a hilarious cartoon? Was some headline so badly written you just had to laugh? SHARE! Leave me a link in the comments box and I promise to go check it out later today.


  1. P.S. I've updated a few things on the blog (like the biography and quotes pages). Feel free to comment.

    Love it? Hate it? Have a suggestion? Going blind? Let me know so I can fix it!

  2. There's some funky formating codes showing up on the quotes page. Otherwise, it looks good!

    I'm not sure if my blog post will make you laugh or join me for a drink, but hey, I'll toss it out there. ;)

  3. Robert Olen Butler wrote a story (and entire collection, in fact) based on headlines he found in tabloid magazines. I've linked one that can be found online:


  4. Jean - Thanks! I'll go see if I can fix that.

    Popsicledeath - I'll have to go give that a read. :o)