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Friday, March 19, 2010

Books You'll Have to Pry From My Cold, Dead Fingers

This morning's Friday Random is inspired by Corrina Lawson who posted her list this morning.

1. The Mammoth Book of Comic Fantasy edited by Mike Ashley

This was my first introduction to comic fantasy. I don't usually like short story collections, I don't love every story in the collection, but I will murder zombies to protect my beloved copy of Death Swatch by Esther Friesner. Pizza to Go by Tom Holt is awesome too. And this was my first introduction to Terry Pratchett.

2. Price of the Stars/Starpilot's Grave/By Honor Betray'd by Debra Doyle and James McDonald

My first taste of epic SF space operas. The cast is huge, the scope is large, and the story covers infinity. The fight at Jessan's medical clinic is one of my favorite scenes. The ending has a twist I never expected. *heart*

3. The Vorkosigan Saga starting with Cordelia's Honor by Louis McMaster Bujold

I loved the first book about Aral and Cordelia so much I refused to read Young Miles for almost three years. Cordelia is the most amazing female character I've read in years. She's mature, she's believable, and the burning palace scene is fantastic!

P.S. Cory just told me there's a new book due out in November. I can't wait!

4. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimen

I buy a copy of this book at least once a year, that's how much it gets read. The story of a demon and an angel who are working to stop the apocalypse. It's different, it's funny, and no, you may not borrow my copy. Get your own.

5. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

A gift from my husband when he was still my boyfriend, I love this book. I love Shakespeare. I randomly quote sonnets at my children. And just about every book I've written has contained some reference to The Bard. Look for crows named Upstart in my fantasy and references to Beatrice and Benedict in my sci-fi writing.

Everything else on the shelf you can borrow if you promise to have it back by tomorrow, or replace the book if you lost it. See, I'm reasonable.

What are your favorite books?

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