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Monday, February 1, 2010

Calling It a Night

It's after ten, and I have to ask, when do you know it's time to quit writing for the night?

I have a scene burning a hole in my brain. Not literally, but it can seem that way. Right now I can picture how everything goes. The dialog is witty and quick. The pacing is perfect.

But I've been up for fourteen hours after three hours of sleep and I suspect that this draft will look less than perfect in the cold light of day.

I'm going to bed, even though the story begs to be written. I'd love to stay awake and write straight through the night. That would be a luxury. One I can't afford. I'm hoping against all experience that I'll still remember everything in the morning.


Q4U: What do you do when the inspiration is willing but the writer is dead tired? The soul is willing, but the flesh is weak? Do you push through and keep writing? Do you hit a goal? Do you look at the clock and concede defeat?


  1. I hear ya! The endless battle. :0) I jot down a few notes and concede. I have found that when I don't...most of the time the payback is hell

  2. I stop writing when I realize I've been staring at the monitor more than I've been hitting the keys, or when the dialogue sounds forced. I figure, if it's that bad, I'll just have to re-do it all later anyway!

  3. If I push too hard I get sick :) So I have to give in as soon as I notice the warning signs. Which are sometime a little late!

  4. I do stream of conscious notes and come back to it later.

  5. Kristi - Jotting down notes sounds like a good idea. I'll have to try that.

    Anne- I know that feeling. Just staring endlessly at the computer screen going, "Ah... what happens next?"

    Yuna- Getting sick because of writing is no good! Take it easy. :o)

    Written- That is one approach I've never tried, but I might later this week.

    Thank you! I have the best readers ever!