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Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Random

Random Bad News: Snow is in the forecast. I could cry. I've lived in the north (i.e. North of Austin, TX) for over a year now. I still hate snow. I hate being cold. I hate shivering.

And it's supposed to snow.

I'm think of packing my bags and moving to the Florida Keys for a couple of months. Anyone want to come with?

Random Charity You Might Be Interested In:
Team Heifer. There's a lottery and auction for books involved, so check it out.

Random Character from NaNo: I realize I haven't posted half of you yet. This one's for Ilnara, the pirate captain! the character is Ruesn Heskin, an assassin by trade and a wimp by temperament (sorry, Ilnara, I needed a wimp):

That sigil meant a professional burglar was in residence. Not a fancy second-story man. Not a cat burglar who could enter and leave your house with you home and never knowing that they had visited. Not a pick pocket. And certainly not the kind of person the thieves guild ever wanted you to hear about, but a professional burglar.

Good with locks. Good with hidden doors. Good about knowing who needed what and which fences could be trusted for repeat business.

Sari didn't even bother knocking. She kicked in the door, threw a knife, and grabbed the running man by his pointed ear and slammed him into the brick. "Ruen Heskin. As I live and breath. Tsk tsk. Since when did you start slumming."

"Hey, Sari. Long time no... anything. What can I do for you."

She grabbed a hand that was creeping along his thigh and twisted it back. "Reach for a weapon and I start breaking bones."

"Uh." The elf stilled, apparently debating whether or not she would try this technique.

"Do you know the adult human body has over 200 bones? I hear elves have even more. Wouldn't it be fun to count them together?"

"Sari!!!" he wailed. "Whatever it is, I didn't do it."

"Are you the thief is residence?"

"What thief?"

Stepping back suddenly to Ruen stumbled Sari grabbed his ear and pulled him into the doorway. "See this sign?" She hit the sigil with her knife point. "That means there is a burglar here. Care to name the person? Or have you switched into the burglar business."

"'s my sister," he muttered. "She gives good rates."

Sari tossed the elf inside and kicked the door shut. "And what are you doing these days? I thought the assassin's guild in Verdenfel has a contract on your head."

"It's not good inside Vondrin's walls," Ruen said. "The guild isn't welcome here right now. So I thought, hey, a chance to do some independent contracting. Small business type of thing. You know, professional courtesy at cut-throat rates."

"Does that mean less or more than the standard guild rate?"

"What do you think?"

"Right." More. "Is business good?"

Ruen shrugged. Twin daggers spun as he stretched out and he slammed them into their sheaths. "Not bad. A little bit of work. It's more intimidation and style in Vondrin. Less actually blood spill."

"Making a habit of killing demons?"

Random Upcoming Plans: I'm trying to articulate my latest battle plan for editing. Once I can explain it so everyone else gets it, I'll post about Triangle Editing. I'm also working on the Founder's Syndrome post (still). Is there anything else you want to see?

What's Your Random?


  1. LOL @ you living in "the North". I'm a bit further north than you, but also hate cold/slush/snow. Put me down for the Florida Keys!

    My random:
    I just bought a full-spectrum light bulb on Amazon.com

  2. Snow usually ends up with me being unable to go to work - so I don't like it because I enjoy my job!

    (Although I do enjoy the extra time to write!) Thankfully we don't get much snow in winter - we usually get it Feb/march

  3. Amy- I'm sorry your so far north! Feel free to visit any time. Not that it's warm today, but we have lovely springtime flowers. :o)

    What is a full-spectrum light bulb???

    Yuna- Yet another reason never to jump the pond and visit you. Although you have castles. And pretty accents. Hmm, maybe I'll come in the summer.

  4. I'd go to Florida. That is if the snowdrifts we're up to my armpits and I could, you know, get out of town! ;) I do love the snow though.

  5. Liana, a full spectrum light bulb is one that mimics sunlight. It's good if you ever suffer from winter-time blues. Amazon.com--about $14. I'll let you know if it works!

  6. I'm in the South of England, so we don't get heaps of snow BUT I live in the country, on a hill and yes the road became impassable last year. Luckily my work prefer me in one piece so understand if I can't get in.

    Ahhh daylight lamps! I can safely say they work :)