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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday Random? What Friday Random?

Random where was I Friday? Going crazy! We were at an early Thanksgiving dinner and I completely forgot the Friday post I owed all of you. Sorry!

Random where was I Saturday? In Atlanta, GA picking up a new puppy for my pack. I like big dogs. Really big dogs. So when someone told me they'd found another boerboel in need of a home (we already have one) we went to visit.

Isn't he an adorable puppy? At 20 months he's semi-trained and only 113 pounds. He'll add another 50-100 pounds easily in the next year or two. He's seems so small right now.

Achilles was abandoned at a vet clinic in Atlanta for eight months. EIGHT! That's just cruel. Now he has an acre lot to run on and he's loving it!

Random NaNo progress this week: Slow.

I was hitting 3k on a daily basis and this week RL just kept tripping me up. I did manage to add another 1.2k in the car while we were driving to Atlanta today. I have about 8k to break the NaNo goal and another 30k to finish the novel. If I can wrap it up.

The first 30k of the NaNo novel probably need to be chopped and either framed as it's own novel, or parsed into a novella. I haven't decided.

Random comment on the whole Harlequin/Self-Pub madness: I think RWA, SFFWA, and MWA are doing the right thing by telling Harlequin that they can either be a respected publisher, or they can be big fat liars. I don't think a respectable publisher and have the kind of advertising Harlequin put out for their Horizons self-published line.

I feel bad for the authors already published under the Harlequin imprint. This isn't fair to them. And, to be fair, I think the RWA should allow author's published before the announcement to compete in the next round of RITA awards. But only this once because those authors were blindsided too.

I feel horrible for the poor author who is struggling to make ends meet who tripped over the Harlequin Horizons website today and decided to spend their Christmas budget on paying for a self-published novel because the website suggests that the next step to publication after writing is to self-publish.

Not edit. Not find a critique group. Not query. Not submit. SELF-PUBLISH.

For making new authors cry Harlequin gets the #epicfail award of the day. It was a bad choice. It's a bad plan. And even if Harlequin backs down and apologizes this is going to haunt them. I don't regularly buy Harlequin novels. I won't touch them now. I don't care who wrote them or how good they are, I don't support this abuse of authors, new or old.

How you feel about it is, of course, up to you.

(Image of Harley Quinn from the Batman series is courtesy of CrunchGear and copyrighted to the artist and original creator. Used with thanks.)

So..... What's your random?


  1. My random...hmmm.

    Not much just lurking around the blogshere, when I should be writing!

  2. My randoms, hmm...

    Beating our first dog at a show... Seeing my dad all gooshie with a dog (NOT mine, ha!)... Um, non-dog related random... Ha, acquiring new minions at work! That was fun o.0 Breaking 30k...

    Eh. I guess I just don't have a very random life :P:)

  3. That vet clinic thing breaks my heart--so glad you guys found room for the pooch in your family!

  4. my random? just life right now. learning a new job. missing my family. driving a borrowed truck. trying to learn how to drive a stick shift so i can borrow another truck. facing thanksgiving sans family still. just life.

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