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Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Random

Random NaNo Plan of Attack: Oh, golly! So many responses and so many choices!

Beauty and the Beast rewrite seems to be a top favorite. There were two votes for Time of Death, and one for Dungeon Crawl. In time all will be written. And I can't write 3 books in a month (though I've seen it done).

So, next week I'm going to outline some novels and see which plot looks the best. And I'll decide before November 1st.

Random Writing Progress this Week: Two short stories finished. Neither will be subbed, these are private works to give me background on my characters and without the larger story they don't make sense. Maybe after the novel is published I'll put them up on my website.

Random Addiction of the Week:
Hot Chocolate Creme Brulee.

Adding cinnamon and Ancho chili powder to dark chocolate creme brulee is wicked. Soooo good. I feel guilty that I'm not eating it while draped in diamonds and black silk. It makes my fabulous dinner feel like white trash because nothing can be this decadent. Smooth chocolate taste with cinnamon spice and then the heat, not the taste, of chili as you eat. It tastes hot and lucisous.

This is a dessert that gets banned by conservative religions and makes nuns write erotica.

It's that good.

And I'll post the recipe next week on my cooking blog. With pictures. And a warning.

Random Question of the Week:
Are there books you love for the antagonist rather than the protagonist?

I find myself following some "graphic novels" (read: comics) online that I love not for the hero, but for the bad guy. Or, rather, the rogue who isn't good or bad but seems to be there solely to plague the protagonist and occassionaly do the right thing.

Random Question of the Week 2:
What should I kill with the Traveling Shovel of Death this year?

The first year, I killed vampires. Last year, I killed geriatric zombies with walkers and dentures. This year... I don't know what I'll kill.

Random Comfort Read of the Week: Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett.

Open Note to Mr. Pratchett --> WRITE FASTER!!!! I'm word deprived!

So.... what's your random?


  1. Nice randomness. Can't wait to see which book you choose! And I want that recipe. Oh my goodness that sounds amazing!

  2. Randomly, having wet feet for three days isn't fun.

    So, you could kill cold, rainy weather with the Shovel *looks hopeful*