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Friday, September 25, 2009

A Must Read

Not all writing advice comes from authors. Some of my favorite writers actually fill other fields. Like SF food blogger Garrett who wrote this excellent post about VOICE on his blog, Vanilla Garlic.

Garrett rocks. Not only does he have a brussel sprout recipe that the kids love and I crave, but he has timely advice on writing. I recommend giving him a read over the weekend.


  1. I really like his writing style. Great fun to read, even if I were not a food-based creature.

  2. He has great recipes too, and a good sense of humor. His blog is one of my Guilty Reads that I sneak in when I'm tired of hearing about adverbs and query letters.

  3. Here you are! I think you had dropped off my google browser or something. Hope all is well and that the sweet baby is allowing you some occasional sleep :)

    A brussel sprout recipe that kids like? Now, that's intriguing!

  4. *waves hi to Tess*

    I wondered why you hadn't been stopping by!

  5. nice article! I'm linking to both your and Garrett's post.