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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Online Persona

KT Literary had an interesting link and articles about online personas.

Just for fun I went to the Personas website and put in Liana Brooks. The results were interesting. There are other Lianas running loose out there. One is a yoga instructor, another is studying Hebrew in college.

At least it makes me colorful!

"Books" is the third category from the left. Education is the large blue one in the middle, and genealogy the large green block. I'll have to work on that...

What do you look like?


  1. Very cool. How do you save the results?

  2. I did a screen grab, which is why the picture isn't fabulous.

  3. Pretty colours :D

    I tried it with Amy Laurens, and wasn't happy with the first result (too much sport) so tried again. As it turns out, I tried four times, with exactly the same name, and got vastly different results each time. So you know.

    Still, fun :)

  4. I entered my real name and then my pen name... no results for either. Is that bad? :O