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Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Random

Random Editing Progress This Week: Slow.

Glacial even. But chapter one is tightened to my liking. I'm not 100% happy with the opening, but it's better. I gutted chapter two and rewrote it. Now I need to tighten and line edit. And I've started tightening chapter three.

Random Reading this Week:
Two Jane Austen books, the Mageworld's trilogy, two Red Dwarf books, and Thud by Terry Pratchett. That's eight books in five days. I'm going to run out of books soon!

Random Number of Hours I've Slept this Week:
Um.... less than 4 hours a night, so under 20. Probably something like 16. Having a newborn at home is always entertaining. I feel like I'm living on cat naps.

Random Things on my To-Do List
: Track down GUD4 again (someone borrowed it off my desk), get the dog out of the melon patch, take kids to the park, figure out when to introduce the secondary MC in the new draft of UDS.

So... What's your random?


  1. My random...I hate anything slimy on my hands. So when I put lotion on, I'm constantly wiping it off of my hands onto a towel. There ya go.

  2. Catch plenty of naps!!! Must have sleep, zombie mode is no fun at all.

  3. Cutie pie baby!!!! And, why isn't taking a nap on you to-do list? Hope you get one in this weekend.

  4. Sending Termion off to Betas. Including you. If you can't crit, its ok. But its reading material. No spaceships. No explosions. There's a fire...and some dead bodies (no zombies).

    Random? I'm having an anime fest weekend. Even bought chocolate and icecream. It's what I call a 'pick me up' break. :D

  5. getting my reading/writing life back on track. Cute baby. How can you get so much reading in with running the kiddies around, etc.

  6. lotusgirl- I read while I nurse :o) 30 minutes of reading time every 2-3 hours.

  7. my random...I finished the first draft of my novel yesterday!

  8. aw thanx Liana! =) now comes the fun part...editing. not. it's especially fun when you're trying to edit while being constantly distracted by the fact that you just got your wisdom teeth out and are bleeding all over the place! *sarcastic yay* it's lots of fun.