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Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Random... Because Friday was a Little Crazy

Random Life Happenings this Week: (or last week I guess) I had family in town that left on Sunday and while they were here things were a bit hectic. New baby, extra relations, general chaos. Sometimes I wonder how we manage to survive family reunions at all.

Random Writing of the Week:

This is the first week in over a year I haven't faithfully written six days out of seven. I did make some notes on a story that's on a back burner and was lightly mugged by a passing idea for a form of magic that might fit with a story line I already have mapped out.

Random Fun of the Coming Week:
My oldest two head off for school this morning. Huzzah! We've met with teachers, bought the school supplies and I'm excited that their off and running. It means an end to the summer chaos and that I can get back on schedule.

We'll see if I'm as excited about this on Friday as I am now.

Random Question of the Week: How should I celebrate my birthday next weekend?

I was thinking of doing something fun on the blog, but don't have any idea what you would find fun. Leave me some suggestions!


  1. Well I would HOPE you haven't written. You've had a bit on your plate, m'dear.

    Celebrate for your birthday? How about a story of your birthday set in space? Hehehe.

  2. And there have to be sharks in the story :D

  3. New baby in the family! How exciting :) AND back to school! I imagine that you will now have a little bit more time for writing :)