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Monday, August 31, 2009

Missing Blog Post

I'm sorry!

I'm a bit behind in writing and loading this months blog posts. Writing one handed while I hold a demanding little man is slowing me down a bit.

New posts will be up soon. There should be 3-5 scheduled posts a week but there might be a few glitches between the first and 15th as we change internet providers and work out some kinks on this end.



  1. The cute little poopers have to come first. :-)

    Does he leak out his diapers a lot? My son did that until he fattened up. Then his chubby belly stopped the flow. Ha ha


  2. Jenna- Baby Boy is already pretty round, but sometimes... I suppose it's a baby's prerogative to be messy every now and then.

  3. I'm impressed you can put together A blog post a week much less multiple with a new baby in the household. I was a zombie for at least 4-5 months after my guy arrived.

  4. You found a new net provider? Yay!