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Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Random

Random Question of the Week: Would you rather be a fashion designer or a fighter pilot?

Hello! Fighter pilot!

Dude, NASA does not hire fashion designers for missions to the ISS!

I wonder if I'm to old to apply for the Air Force Academy?

Random Plot Muggings This Week:
Only 2 random story ideas hit me. One is the basic idea behind a short story for a Halloween anthology (2010) and the other was a crash-landing sci-fi story. That second plot might get co-opted for another series where I have a similar scene and don't love the MMC much. To tame. I like the new guy better.

Pirates are fabulous!

Random Upcoming Posts:
I'm working on a Science in Fiction post about genetics and coloring. Really, not every character in fiction can be a fiery red-head, the odds are just against it. Another upcoming post is on what's wrong with your writing (you'll never guess). And another dissecting a superb opening chapter I recently read.

Random Reading Suggestions for the Weekend:
It's time for some mob comparisons... the Omega Mob vs Vimes' Mob from Phules Company (Robert Asprin) and Men at Arms (Terry Pratchett).

While it's interesting to compare and contrast how two different men handle essentially the same situation with their own style and flair what is really interesting is the authors' technique. Namely, both Asprin and Pratchett like to Tell. A lot.

Look them over, see what you think, and decide if you have a favorite. I'm going to post a compare and contrast on the two books sometime in September.

So.... what's your random?


  1. Personally, I would rather be a fashion designer. And I say this as a writer whose current main character is a fighter pilot. O:)

  2. O:)

    I would perfectly happy flying a small plane to deliver the mail. Otherwise, I get stressed watching live show-jumping. My heart would probably burst in an aerial combat situation. Shoes and sparkly earrings--very soothing! Also pretty.

    (also, hats. HATS. WITH FEATHERS. With STYLE! Hats like this. Or this!)

    *sighs happily*

  3. Fashion designer! It was my dream in fifth grade. I was drawing dresses all the time. Did I have talent? ... not so much.

  4. hum...most definitely a fashion designer :P

  5. HA! Fashion designer my rear.
    Fighter pilot all the way.
    And I haven't read R. Aspirin but I have been referred to him. Wasn't he influenced by Terry Pratchett? He died with a Pratchett book in his hands, I know that. :D
    I want to die with a Terry Pratchett book in my hands. I almost do every time I read one. :D

  6. Sparky- I'll buy you a hat for your birthday. Remind me.

    Mary- I bet your characters are well dressed. Mine just get ship jumpsuits.

    Scott- I did not know that! But they have a similar style. I love Pratchett's guards series. :o)

    Merc- It's okay to worry.

  7. Totally a fighter pilot. The fashion world would be in trouble if I was in charge of dressing people.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog today. I love a good debate. :)

  8. Fighter pilot! I always wanted to learn to fly, but no dice. They won't let me because of my type 1 diabetes. *she sulks*

    Thanks for your advice on my problems with clues and chapter length. Appreciate it, A LOT! :)