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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Long-Term Planning

Your Travel Personality Is: Easygoing

When you travel, you're looking for a lot of downtime. Vacations are your chance to recoup.

All you need is a scenic spot and plenty of time on your hands. You'll figure out the rest.

You're not one to make lots of plans when you travel. You just follow whatever path seems right.

Let's face it, we all need to make some long-term goals in our life. Working towards a degree, publication, a dream job, or whatever is all very well and good. Probably better than not planning for those things, but slogging towards a masters degree is not something that makes your blood fizz with excitement. More like... knees knock in dread of another round of reports and finals.

So today, for your workout, plan your dream vacation.

- Where are you going?
- Who will you take?
- What time of year will you go?
- How much will it cost?
- How long will it take you to save an earn for your trip?

I am dying to get back to the beach! I miss the sand and surf. I miss the smell of coconut oil. And I'd love to hit Orlando, FL again and show my kids Sea World.

For a family of five (and it better be five by now... I'm writing this before Baby Boy's arrival but by the time this posts he ought to be here), with hotels ect ect ect we're looking at an easy $1000 a day. If we head down over the winter holidays, maybe a 3-day weekend in January would work? That or mid-March? So... say $4000 to cover the cost of driving down, food, and hotels plus goodies for the kids.

That would mean saving $1000 a month to go this year $250 a month to go next year. Hmmmm.... this may be a long term goal. But I bet I could convince my kids to save for it if I throw in a visit to Disney and the zoo.

Where are you headed?


  1. Ooh, what a fun idea! I will have to plan this out. My husband isn't big on traveling (staying away from home, all the planning...), but there should be less resistance if I have everything planned out. :-D

  2. okay...i'm depressed. i haven't thought about vacation costs now with children. i only have one...and no current plans to have another, but that does make the price of everything go up. wow. i'm thinking long-term goal for sure.

  3. I think getting the kids involved in saving is a great idea. It helps them really understand the value and sacrifice of vacations.

    We're just about to go to Idaho. It's within driving distance, so hopefully not too hard on the pocketbook.