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Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Random

Random Chaos of the Week: The water heater breaking and flooding on the same day Small and Pink needed an emergency run to the dentist. Casual emergencies like this as why I never have spare cash. I just need to budget in a few hundred for Chaos.

Random Writing of the Week:
I finished a chapter of Nearly Normal Nan and started editing Chapter 1 of UDS.

It's slow going. I'm not to the point where I can line edit. I'm only on the third draft and right now I'm layering in colors, sounds, smells, and details that I need to set up my world better. Line edits are still a few drafts away.

Random Reading of the Week:
Last week I read all the Terry Pratchett books I have, not a small feat since he has over thirty in print for the Discworld series alone. The week prior to that I read both Jack Campbell's Lost Fleet series and Elizabeth Moon's Vatta's War series.

This week, just for a change, I read Lisa Shearin's three books about Raine Benares the seeker with a soul-sucking rock. Good times. But book four doesn't come out until next April. I tried bribing Lisa to write faster, but she says she's going as fast as she can.

My only consolation is that she's also outlining book six. And I own some other books too. :o)

Random Realization of the Week: I love strong characters! And I get along best with strong-minded people. They don't have to agree with me. And I don't always like them. But I like people and characters who are definite. Who know what they want. Who take charge.

I also realized that I never liked Captain Kirk from Star Trek until I saw the new movie and Kirk randomly stepped in to the power vacuum of the missing captain. Fabulous! I want to steal a spaceship now!

Random Plans for the Weekend:
Birthday fun! I'm turning [age redacted] on Sunday. I'm planning a party with ice cream cake, some fun posts for the blog (and maybe a give away!), and I'm going to go through my closet and toss everything over 10 years old.

Except for my khaki pants. Those still fit. Which means they were WAY to loose when I wore them ten years ago in [grade redacted].

Random Question of the Week: What do you do for your birthday?


  1. I...usually have icecream and custard for breakfast - if I manage to get the day off work, mummy prepares it for me :D Ditto if I'm off work I play video games all day, then I usually go out for a meal with my parents.

    If I'm at work, well its a working day. But its still fun :)

    I like having birthday cake for breakfast for the following week!

  2. Have a lovely birthday! For my birthday last month (48) we ate something and watched tv. Because I'm that wild and crazy these days.

    I also really loved teh Raine Benares books. In the lull waiting for the next publication, you might like the Kate Daniels books by Ilona Andrews. Those are my current top favorites.

  3. Hope you have a great birthday! This year for mine I'm going to see Pink in concert.

  4. FictionGroupie- The only concert I've ever been to was a Beach Boys reunion tour.

    Writtenwyrdd- Looks interesting, I'll try to find a copy locally.

    Yuna- Ice cream for breakfast???

  5. Ah, have a great birthday!!!! I think that's great to throw out old stuff. I do that every once in awhile, and it feels so good. I really liked the new Star Trek. Have it reserved already!

  6. Hey, there's a little gift for you at my blog Have a great weekend! :)

  7. Ice cream...followed by (or you can have it first) hot custard!