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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Release the crazed capybaras!

Photo courtesy of and copyright to the talented Peggi Wolfe.

Seventh Sanctum Generators.... not that I write fantasy at the moment, but I'm suddenly inspired to run back to my NaNo about a sidekick turned warlord who gets it all wrong. Or the book about a fairy godmother in high school. My brain is kicking sparks just thinking about all the damage I could do!

Story Idea Generator..... I really don't need this one. But I've been thinking I might want to try my hand at another short story (Seventy comes out next month) and this looks like a fun place to start a 1000 word challenge.

Extrasolar Skies....... As if my geek quotient wasn't high enough. Being slightly fact-obsessed I now need to go identify what star my characters live around and map it. Actually, glancing over the map from the Sol system (that's where we live now) I think I know where most my universes are centered. I try to keep them in the right galaxy, even if I do wander out of the solar system. I think my current WIP centers around the star gDra


  1. That story idea generator is addicting! Possible idea for my next short story:

    The story starts with the protagonist speed dating.

    Another character is a doctor who thinks he is from another galaxy.

    Sounds fun, no? :P

  2. That sounds like a blast!

    Let me know how the crazed doctor works out. :o)

  3. I daren't look at the story generator - my muse already has enough going on!