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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

POV Rules

This is a very good article. I'm going to quote the main body:

Q: I’ve heard that New York publishers will only accept books written from a third-person limited POV and no head hopping allowed. Does this mean I have to rewrite my manuscript to conform to these rules?

A: No! Stop. Don’t succumb to this kind of advice.

These rumors can start as the result of an editor or agent writing a rejection letter saying a particular book might be better if the author changed the POV (point of view.) The news starts traveling and takes on steam.

But that’s only one editor’s opinion and it could be wrong.

Don't stress out over what everyone else is doing. Write your story the best you possibly can.

Edit your story until there's isn't anything left that does not shine.

And then let it fly.

If you try to copy everyone else you're going to wind up with a book that's been written by everyone else. A manuscript with no voice or passion. And a manuscript with no future. Don't do that.

Rules are to make you think before you break them, they aren't there to hold you back.


  1. I was trying to do away with the head hopping even though third person omniscent has been effective on the past.

  2. Amen, L! I like to think of the writing rules as guidelines. Obviously you need to know them, but you don't need to die by them. ;-)