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Monday, April 20, 2009

Lovely Blog Award

I dunno.... tea cups, roses, and sci-fi? Does it really fit the decor? Hmm... well, if I can't make it work I can always pass it off and torture someone else. Thank you to Michelle at The Innocent Flower for this lovely award.

This is the "One Lovely Blog Award". It is given to bloggers both new and old you have discovered and enjoy.
I'm nominating:
Tara Maya
Frances Writes

What you do from the award from here is your own affair.


  1. LOL. Congrats, Liana. I love your blog. I know... that award should have a spaceship on it or something. That encompasses loveliness. :D

  2. Congrats, L. :)

    Mayhaps it's a feminine touch to the SF theme. :D

  3. Now if an alien burst out of the cup holding a radioactive flame thrower or something, it would totally fit!

  4. Maybe you can make it really small??? LOL ;-) This made me laugh!

  5. I cheat with awards... there's a nice little link on the sidebar that says "Awards" and I have them all stored there.

    This isn't the first, it's just the first I've actually posted about.