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Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Random

Random Problems this Week: Character Mob!!!

I've been attacked by several characters who are sick of being in Books Shoved Under the Bed. They want attention. They want rewrites. They want their twisted and evil plans laid out in full splendor for everyone to see.

This is what happens when I pause to work out a fight scene.

Random Slush Pile Count of the Week: 9.8k

Do you have a slush pile for your stories? It's a word document where I drop pages or phrases that I like but I'm cutting. That way, if there was a quip or phrase I really liked, I can go back to it. Very useful, but a bit scary when the slush pile is larger than the actually WIP file. Right now Under a Dark Star is around 56k or so (I haven't tallied), so I'm good.

Random Picks from Nathan's Query List: After much deliberation I requested partials for 48, 36, 29, 17, and 16.

Did you play? What did you pick?

Random Bad Advice of the Week: "Write what you know."

Using this gets you smacked by the clue-by-four. It works for non-fiction, for everything else, use your imagination.

Random Good advice of the Week:
Be yourself!

I read several good blog articles on Voice and Editing this week. I particularly liked LadyGlamis's article on Lifting the Lace. But I can't help but think what most authors need to do is stop trying to imitate someone else or be intimidated, especially by well-meaning beta-readers.

Go ahead and write the books you love. Write it the way you want it to sound. The only way for your work to sound unique is if it is written by the one and only, completely unique, you.

Random of the Week:
What's with applesauce? I'm trying to eat healthy and I really don't get the point of applesauce! It's like... empty calories or something. It makes no sense. It's not even tasty. Why did I have to run out of oranges???

So.... What's your random?


  1. Applesauce is great for morning sickness, when you can't hold anything else down. Better than starving.

    My random: My son woke up at 5 am... I is tired.

  2. I love applesauce. My kids do too. It's the way to get my son who won't eat apples ingesting some.

    I really enjoyed Glam's post on lifting the lace too. Hehe!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. *hands L an electric cattle prod for troublesome characters*

  4. *blows DEATH a kiss*

    Thank you! I always wanted one of these! It's so classy compared to my old one you have to heat in a roaring fire. :o)

  5. Glad to be of service, L. I accidentally posted under my L's name. :D But the only thing that matters is that the cattle prod works. Just don't operate during a thunderstorm unless you are inside a building. :D

  6. Great Randoms! I don't have a slush pile but it's a good idea... I have one for photos. Hmmm...

    Yes, you're right. Imitation can be good and bad. In the end, we just need to be HONEST and write from there.

  7. I have a slush pile, of sorts :)

    Love the be yourself message. This is very true, and great advice to follow.