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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Illness and the death of blog posts...

Welcome to the world of joint-patient privleges. I feel like a kid in a custody battle, only neither side wants me.

I'm sick. Like, sick enough to go, " Maybe I better get checked instead of relying on lemon tea to cure me."

So I call my Primary Care Manager... fine, fine, wait! 19 weeks pregnant? You have to go to OB!

What?!?!?! I need a throat check, not a pap smear! For the love of cookies you mad woman I'm sick! Give me the freaking doc who knows about allergies and viruses! I don't want the OB!


So, my OB is off post, the high risk clinic down town. I had full intention of telling them I was sick. Next week.

I'm now on hold with the OB. I already canceled my ultrasound for the day because I can't find someone to take the kids and I'm not healthy, and I can't take them to the OB office (there's a notice- no kids out of utero). I could take them to the regular PCM.

Oh- and the Eldest announced she's making breakfast. She'd serving up cake. Like Bill Cosby (audio only).

*nurse answers*

No, OB does not see lung patients. Go to ER. Now. Thank you.

I am the unwanted, red-headed, step-child of my medical care.

*calls PCM again*

"We can schedule you for next week sometime..."


I'm going to the ER with two small children and my laptop full of movies. And that, dear reader, is why I haven't finished that post on the antagonist's outline.


  1. *hugs* Lei.

    Get feeling better soon!

  2. What a nightmare! I hope you feel better soon. Health comes first.

  3. Oh boy. I'd take the kids for you, only I'm in, you know, Canada and all...

    Get better soon!

  4. And Im on the wrong continent entirely! Hope ER isn't too stressful for you Lei. Sending good healthy vibes your way.

    Let me at those germs! They shall flee with each spark that flies off my flaming wooden spoon...

  5. I went to the emergency out-patient clinic. Yes, I'm sick. No, they won't do anything about it because I'm pregnant. I was told to go home, drink fluids, and sleep it off.

    Oh, and avoid sick people.

    *packs kids for flight to Angela's*

  6. Lei, you're welcome to come here too except that my house is not really existing right now... with the flood and all. :(

    Please rest as much as you can. And you always tell me, take advantage of those church people who are supposed to help. Remember?

  7. Sorry you are sick! :( Hope you feel better soon.