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Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Random

Random Synopsis of the Week: "Things go boom." - okay, it's short, it's sweet, but I think it needs revision. What do you think?

Random Excuse of the Week: "My critique group made me do it." So very, very, true.

Random Laugh of the Week: I mean besides the video about incorrect grammar from youtube, which I am still laughing at by the way. Check out 50 Reasons No One Wants To Publish Your First Book. (Rated PG-13 for language and implied violence). And then blame my critique group for warping your minds.

Random Chaos of the Week: We're planning on moving in December (again). Only that date may change... how does July sound? Or October? DH has promised me at least 5 weeks notice this time (last time I had four). I swear, I'm not in the witness protection program. And I do nothing illegal (at least not that I'll admit to on the blog). But there's no way anyone could tell that from our very random moves lately. Or the driver's license that has an AL address issued by the state of Florida. I swear, it's legal.

Random Blog You Should Have Read: I know there are some people who valiantly read 100+ blogs a day. Me, I'm lazy, I wait until Friday when everyone puts together a link list of things they think were worth reading. It's like having an intern to sort blogs for you. Fantastic! The one that stood out for me this week was Rachelle Gardner's post on building a Fiction Platform. Look! I have an excuse to blog! My next goal is to decide exactly what my brand is. Sci-fi is a bit too broad... I'm open to suggestions.

Random Give-Away of the Week: Here's the thing, I have books piling up, and DH has pointed out that I have some duplicates lying around. Well meaning kinfolk have given me hardcover copies of books, and then I go out and buy the paperback because I prefer paperback. A paperback book fits in my purse. Very few hardcovers do. The problem is that I'm not finding Book 1 for any of these series, so this give-away is for a book in the middle of a series. Great for people already reading, not so good for all the newcomers. To work around this problem I'll make you a deal, if you win you can either choose to have the book sent to you, or have it donated to the local library. All the hardcovers are in New or Like New condition and will be accepted by the library here. Fair enough?

This weeks offerings: Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett -or- A Civil Campaign by Louis McMaster Bujold

This Weeks Give-Away Question: Where did I take the random picture of the week? If no one guesses correctly I'll do a random drawing from the most creative and entertaining answers. Make sure to include the title of the book you want in your response!

So......... what's your random?


  1. I have seen that 50 Reasons thing, but I was afraid to post it! LOL It's hysterical! I was worried that people would be offended by the language...even though it doesn't bother me. :-D

  2. I added a little warning. The language is.... not lady-like. But the list still made me laugh.

  3. But, but, but I thought you were already sending me a box of books... well, for Darcy anyway.

    So where's the sharks in your post, Lei???