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Saturday, November 8, 2008


I'm think I'm going to cry...

I cut my ties with ViS. Deleted the story queue for DoJ. Tucked it away for another time.

My dreams will be haunted by a tan Cali boy with ice blue eyes.

Lady Glamis, you say you can focus on one story, one set of characters at a time. How do you do that? How do you let all the other stories go? I feel like I've stabbed a child.


  1. I think I'm going to cry for you. I'll miss Ice-boy; you better bring him back some day.

    No one says you have to concentrate only on one story now, hun. You can still do whatever you like, you know. There is no One True Path in writing. You must do what works for you, because that is the way.

    Love you, girlio.

  2. The problem is I can't focus on any of them. I want to do it all now, and nothing gets done. Which is very frustrating. It's all too chaotic right now. So... I'm trying to regroup back here before charging forward.

    I think. I like to tell myself this isn't quitting or retreating. It's advancing in a new direction...

  3. Am joining in with the crying. I miss Ice.

    I had the same problem in the beginning--being attacked and mugged by a million ideas and never being able to stick with just one. I finally had to just jot down the thoughts and save those for later so I could concentrate.

    *folds arms*

    Hopefully this New Direction will have Ice lurking around somewhere in the future.

    We know where you live. Sorta.


  4. Lei - to answer your question:

    I have Breakaway.

    I have Monarch.

    And I have Blind Access.

    These are three novels that swirl around in my head ALL the time. How do I keep them separated and only work on one?

    Well, Breakaway - I finally finished it. I posted it on a blog and I'm leaving it out there for others to read. I'm literally tying my hands and screaming because I want to EDIT it SO BADLY right now. But NaNo saved me. It's the time crunch that is keeping me away from editing Breakaway. And the fact that others are reading it, and it would be just STUPID to edit it right now before I get feedback from everybody.

    Blind Access is a novel I completed in High School. It is sitting by my bed, and stares at me all the time. I love that story. I want to rewrite it so bad because right now it sucks. But it's a good story. So....

    How am I keeping myself away from this one?

    I'm not sure.

    I think it's the fact that I force myself to open only one document - Monarch right now. And by the time I'm finished with a section on there, I'm too blasted tired to open up anything else and work on it.

    Yeah, that sounds about right. I think you're heading in the right direction. Let's talk on chat sometime about this so I don't keep babbling in your comments.


    *backs away from keyboard*