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Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Random

Random Progress of the Week: Well, the Federation short is done, but not polished just yet, I have over 30k finished on Genesis and half of that on Nearly Normal Nan. And 16 chapters of DoJ draft 4 up for critique. Not perfect and finished like I wanted, but progress has been made. I think I'll have to set aside weeks or months to work on one project. Which means I have to prioritize. Which is like choosing a favorite child! >< 0-o sadness!

Random Food of the Week: Roasted starbursts. Seriously. We went to a Halloween/Harvest party at church and while most of the people roasted marshmallows some of the girls were roasting starbursts on sticks because it "makes them taste like skittles!" This is where ideas for fried candy bars are born.

Random Fun of the Week: I have a weakness for comics. This week I found Dungeon Denizens and Marry Me. I am far to easily entertained.

Random News of the Week: We have a dog, at least for the weekend. She's a 6 year old South African Mastiff and her family (my land lady) went camping. They are moving to Italy in April and this is a test drive to see if I can handle having a dog. Sage is well trained and lies quietly in a corner 90% of the day, which is what I want out of a dog. I'm a fish person. Dogs and cats are too high maintenance.

Random Plans for the Weekend: See how far ahead I can get on NaNo. I want to finish early, and I think Skippy will be a shorter book. I'm not sure what age group I'm writing for. YA possibly, although everyone in the book is an adult. But I'm thinking it would fit on the shelf next to Sarah Bishop and Dealing with Dragons, both of which get shelved YA but aren't about kids per se (Sarah is 15 or 16 I think).

Random Feedback of the Week: I had a short story up for review and, gosh! the dichotomy of the feedback. Some people thought it was lovely, others couldn't find anything positive to say. I found a common thread in the responses, but there were several things that no one could agree on.

Weeks like this make me want to dig Kaminari out. I put up a chapter (I thought it was chapter one and realized it really is more like chapter 10) and no one could agree on the woman's character! Kaminari, by accident not design, is a litmus test of a readers personality. People project on her character because it's hard to pin down her motives. In the scene she tells a POW she is killing him, unless he escapes by taking *these* keys and going to *this* shuttle bay and possibly following *these* coordinates to escape the blockade. Wink, wink, nudge nudge.

Some people thought Kaminari was setting him up, other people thought she was helping him, one thought Kaminari would leave her own ship.... Since it's from the POWs POV there is no way for the reader to know. Maybe one day I'll put that snippet up on the blog and let you guys decide.

So............what's your random?


  1. Roasted Starbursts. That actually sounds good . . . *looks around for campfire*

    So Skippy is your new NaNo, I take it? What's it about?

    Good luck with the dog! I'm becoming more of a no-pet person myself. Dogs really are high-maintenance.

    My Random Today: I've never tried frog's legs. Have you? I've had escargo. That was good...

  2. I've never tried frogs legs. Or snails. Although I've eaten octopus and urchin and alligator before.

    My NaNo is The Misadventures of Skippy the Warlord, about a boy who can't be a hero, fails as a sidekick, and then decided to take over the world as an Evil Warlord.

  3. lol I would actually really like to read Skippy actually sounds interesting. Just the way you said it made me laugh for a moment their. From hero to evil warlord (not the typical protagonist which is good :) ) good luck with it.

  4. Ali- Just for that, I'll post snippets of funny stuff for you :o)

  5. Roasted Sunbursts, sounds great o.O

    Dog! Whee! *is very much a dog person* Once they're training they don't /have/ to be high-maintenance *pouts*


    Anyway, I'm off to write. It's been Nano here for officially 12.5 hours, and I've a total of 182 words...

    Random: all the word verifications today are making really weird, actually pronouncable stuff. Yours, for example, is snallysp. Most odd.