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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another One Takes Off

The short story Falcon War is being submitted to several magazines (multisubs are beautiful) this weekend after a final vetting by my prime beta-reader.

It will probably be submitted and (cross your fingers) published under the title The Falcon.

For those keeping track of these things, I still haven't heard back about Published Author. I should hear something by Thanksgiving. If I haven't I'm not sure if I'll resubmit to that magazine or find somewhere else to submit the piece. I'm still hoping that they'll send an acceptance note and Published Author will be published, but no promises.

I've also edited my stats list to show only active stories. No more DOA manuscripts. :o)


  1. Good luck, Lei. Falcon is beautiful. :) Glad to see you'll still be working on NNN.

  2. Good luck, L! *fingers crossed*

  3. Wow, that shortened your list a lot. :)

    Good luck, Lei!!!!

    How exciting. I need to go see if this stuff is on CC. Is it? Falcon?

  4. Lg- Falcon is the one you edited. DoJ is on a private queue and needs another draft, so I'll go harass you for that. Everything else has been on CC at one point or another in one draft or another...

    Inky has the final draft of falcon to check for dumb errors (curse the gremlins!) and then it's off. :o)

  5. Falcon was awesome, Lei! I didn't forget the story or that I critted it, just the name.

    I have a bad memory, as you will soon find out. Wait, you already have!

    I really liked it. It was polished, tight, and ready to be sent out, IMO.

    So good luck with it!!!!