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Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Random

Random Personality Test of the Week: This is a fun little self test.... name the 5 things you spend the most time on:
1. writing
2. cooking
3. cleaning
4. my daughters homework
5. a split between reading and talking to my husband

What does this say about me? Well, that's where I invest my time, that's what is important to me. I value books, education, cleanliness (ha! I only clean so much because I have a toddler- if I were alone things would not get so messy and I wouldn't have to clean so much), and good food. I guess this is better than some places I could spend my time.

What about you? Where does your day go?

Random Quote of the Week:
"You can never know everything there *is* about writing. You can know everything there was to know about writing, but everyday something changes. Everyday you learn something new."

Random Writing Moment of the Week: The neighbor down the street, who jumps out of airplanes for a living, asked me if I was bored with staying home yet. And I actually got to tell her, no! I have writing jobs with *real* deadlines. I'm not bored. I'm not sitting at home watching paint dry. I'm busy writing!

This is very exciting for me. Since college, and the decision to stay home with my two children, I've had my ups and downs of stay-at-home-mommying. There are some benefits, but some days I really want to get out and see someone who doesn't weigh 24 pounds and eat like a pig.... Having a high-metabolism toddler can do a number on your self-perception. But, I'm finally to the point where writing isn't a hobby I play with now and then, but a job I'm working at daily.

I'm waiting for my first rejection letter (or acceptance). I'm actively editing with intent to query (kind of like drug possession with intent to sell). And I have deadlines. Next Wednesday, I will be presenting a rough draft of a play to some people to see if they want to produce it. I have a series of articles I'm working on, although we are stretching the term freelance to the extreme. And I have now written two whole query letters.... neither was any good, but I'm trying.

Random Write-What-You-Know of the Week: Being bombed or shelled. I live in the rural USA. Technically, it's not a war zone. And the old myth about writing what you know suggests I can't convincingly write a war zone. Well, my windows are rattling this week because of artillery fire. No, I don't think we'll get hit. And, no, the people firing have no malice towards me. But it still sounds like I'm living on the end of the war zone. I hung laundry this morning to the sound of machine guns. I'll sleep tonight with muffled snores punctuated by mortar rounds. Such is life.

So..............What's your random?


  1. writing
    house chores
    spnding time with the minnie mes

  2. Never wait for a rejection!

    So does sleeping not count in the list of time sucks? Oh, I mean things that keep my busy :)

    My random - the tortoises need a bath, so I'm looking forward to that this evening!
    Yes, my Friday nights are exciting!

  3. I love your random quote of the week... so true!

    1. driving (gifts of living out where we do & long commutes :)
    2. chasing around my busy boys
    3. studying, reading & writing (but not the creative sort I typically enjoy)
    4. cooking & cleaning
    5. missing my hubby (thankfully he'll be home soon)

    Not much of a life, but it's mine!

  4. PJ- If the first thing I send out ever gets an acceptance the first time back I'm pretty sure someone will mug me. I can give you a list of suspects if you need it.

    Kristin- I made the yummiest wheat bread this morning... you ought to steal a slice before it goes cold! Tastes great with lots of peanut butter. :o)

  5. I'd risk the mugging to bypass the rejections :)
    But I hear you!

  6. *promises to cheer rather than mug* O:)

    Heh, my top five?

    1) Work. This tells you that bills must be paid.
    2) Uni. This tells you that I'm slowly going insane.
    3) CC. This tells you that I like talking to people far too much for my own good O:)
    4) Writing. This tells ME that I ought to stop slacking on CC O:)
    5) Household tasks, incl. the puppykins. Which tells you my house is a lot messier than it ought to be right now :D

  7. In no particular order:


    What does this say about me? I need to get out more and interact with people in person more. Don't want to end up like Angela on "The Net". No siree Bob :O (But trust me, I'm not nearly that bad ;)

  8. My top five...(this week).

    various chores and the dreaded unpacking
    video games