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Saturday, August 2, 2008

I love this idea!

Action based energy: Wells pumped by merry-go-rounds, TVs run by bicycles, dance parties lit by dancers...

I'm all about free and cheap energy. I think there are so many things other than coal and nuclear power and oil that we just haven't explored yet. And I lvoe incorporating these ideas into my futuristic sci-fi. One near-future society has slave bacteria that turn wheels that provide energy.

Looking at this article I'm having some fabulous ideas pop up. Like office buildings where part of the energy comes from the people moving around the office, solar power, and wind power could make up the rest.

There's more, of course. I'm wondering how much it would cost to hook the local schools up with solar panels and a playground that gets energy when the children swing or play on the see-saw. The up front cost would be high but in the long run of the school how much would they save by not having to pay for energy? The kids are bouncing off the wall anyway, might as well put it to use!

Writing Update:
I've finished chapter 14 up and I'm working on 15 in DoJ. Sunday is my day off, but I might use it to sketch an outline for Fairy Tale. And then I need to go back and do line edits for chapters 7 and 8 in DoJ and get those handed to my beta-readers over at Critique Circle.


  1. Shiny awesomeness! I loves, i loves!

    *filches Ideas*


  2. Hey! My idea!

    *runs after Inky*