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Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm in love!

Quoted from Jo Walton at tor.com
A couple of people have asked me what you have to do for me to review your book here....If I don't already love your work, it's harder I'm afraid. But what you can do is to write some SF about aliens, spaceships and planets. I'll like it best if it's good as well, but if it's that, my standards are relatively low...Failing that, you can write some other kind of SF that's not about the Singularity and isn't boring. Brilliant would be good, the kind of SF that blows the top of your head off...If you really can't manage any SF at all, I'll take totally topnotch fantasy with a really cool world. It's not true that I hate fantasy. I love fantasy...as long as it's original and brilliant...If you can't manage SF or fantasy, write me a well written biography of someone whose life slices through a period...Last of all would come astonishingly set-the-world-afire brilliant literary fiction. Because if you want me to read something fictional but set in this world and this time, it better be outright amazing.

In fact, if you write literary fiction and you want me to read it there's a simpler way than writing something mind-blowingly brilliant and somehow bringing it to my attention. (Parades might work. Skywriting.) You can write some SF.

After five million blogs about the latest from some literary genius and what YA book the tweens are raving about this is so wonderful to hear. There is a market for sci-fi. There is a place where spaceships and explosions are appreciated.

(dreamy sigh)

Anyway- enough of that. I need to get back to revisions. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate doing revisions and rewriting? I'm about to kill off my MC just to show him who's boss!


  1. Killing your Mc to keep him in line? I love it!!

    *runs off to kill a few MC*

  2. You make me laugh :o) That's a good thing. Let me know who you kill.