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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ice does E9

I've finished chapters 1-6 on DOJ. I'm working on piecing together chapter 7 coherently. That means waking up tomorrow to write a fight scene. I always have trouble with fight scenes. Especially when my characters are unarmed and trying *not* to hurt anyone.

Going into a fight as a pacifist is usually a bad plan.

I've pushed off line edits again. When I hit chapter 10 for this draft I'll go back, do line edits, and hand the first ten chapters to my Critters. Then do the next 10. And then the last 10 (or five or whatever).

I'm tempted to get sidetracked but I've been making such good progress. And, honestly, I'd like to get Ice squared away and off to the agents.

Which means I have to write a query letter and I'm scared of that. I'm still not sure how to explain this book. And knowing that I can't even compose a quick logline for DOJ makes me wonder if it's good enough to query. I can logline several of my better stories, but not DOJ. But DOJ is the one that's gotten the most love, attention, and editing.

Maybe what I'm really scared of is just getting out there and trying. Even if I get past agents, editors, and publishers I need to write well enough to make a niche for myself. That's not a small goal. I'm not writing for a niche that's there. I'm not writing for one of the lucrative genres (romance, manga, literary). I'm writing for a specific genre, for a very specific group of people (the ones with a good imagination). And if DOJ gets past agents, editors, and publishers and then dies on the shelf- then what? Is everything over or do I move on with a new project and a new goal? Do I retreat from the readers rejection or try again?

It's a bit early to worry about that but I'm nothing if not gifted at planning ahead!

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