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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friday Random... a bit late

Why this is late: I had a date last night. He was hot. I looked fabulous. The movie was okay. And he's still here tonight baking cookies and playing with the kids. Very sexy.

What I'm not doing right now that I should be doing: Preparing a Sunday School lesson for church tomorrow:

Progress made: chapter 1-7 redrafted and aligned but I totally stalled out on the seventh chapter at the fight scene. My brain turned to cherry jello (I know because it oozed out my ears) and I stared at the screen going "blub blub blub"

Other projects worked on: Constance, Penumbra, and Time of Death

Characters that preoccupy me: Nijer Dak, Jax Hafa, and Daea Angel. As specimen's they fascinate me. As people they interest me. As characters they indulge my sense of fun and chaos.

What I really want to do: Lots of stuff, but I'd settle this week for being able to get this transition part right in Ice and finding an ending for Jax's story that isn't tragic. I want Jax to get his loveable, huggable, murderous, volitile girl but I'm not sure it's going to happen.

Money saved for BIL's wedding: $150... if I don't need it for anything next month. And it's still not enough for a ticket to NY.

Good books read this week: None that are already published. I can give you some recommendations for excellent drafts though :o)

Pink Book of the Week: The First Duelist by Rutledge Etheridge---- this is a definite Whisket Tango Foxtrot Pink Book (WTFPB). The time line jumps are random. Characters go from non-existence to major player in sentences, no intro or set up. Politics are different between chapters with no explanation. You see random scenes but none of them are exciting. Really, I read the book because it was 1) free and 2) my husband finished it and I felt like I ought to see what he was grumbling about. About half way through I started looking to see if this was a self-published title.

Nope, published in 1994 by Ace Books. Tomorrow I will write Ace Books and tell them if they publish something like this again I'll order hits on their editors. It's that bad. I didn't even finish the book and usually I manage at least that much.

And, for the record, I've read self-published books better written than this. Dragon Sourcer by Author Unremembered but self-published by iuniverse was a good book. Duelist isn't.


Book I really wish I had read this week: Lost Fleet book 4 by Jack Campbell. I can't find it! It may be time to order it online. It's been out over a week and I still haven't got my greedy bibliovorous hands on the manuscript.

Randomest Realization of the Week: I think my Eldest believes the US Army exists simply to keep her entertained. The entire purpose of the people who train to jump out of airplanes is to give her something to watch on a clear day. Earlier this week she played Darth Vadar and decalred our house the new Death Star.... I think I hatched a baby Evil Overlord rather than a child....

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