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Sunday, May 25, 2008

To-Do List for June

- Redraft the first 10 chapters of DoJ until I love them

- Outline the Fairy Tale so I can write it

- Outline a new fantasy I started playing with so I can decide what to do with it

- Finish the outline for Time of Death and get first two chapter written

- Decide what to do with Bryson Anamoly and either finish or trash it

- Pick one short story and (with advice from CC crew) sub it. This will be my first ever submission for fiction

- Find curtains for all the new windows in my house because I only have 4 sets

- Plant herb garden, raspberries, and some flowers for under $100

- Pick a decorating scheme for the new house

- Pick colors for the new house and decide if we need to repaint anything

- Get my kids signed up for one summer-time activity (preferrably swim lessons)

- Find a good place for swimming, book reading, the library, the bookstore, a farmers market, an organic foods store, and friends

- Get the cars tags changed over to the new state

- Workout 4 days a week for at least 30 minutes each time

- Make a list of everything I want for the house and can't afford so I know what to ask for in August for my birthday

- Sell my old house

How is that for summertime ambition?

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