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Friday, May 2, 2008

Bad blogger, no cookie for you!

Real life has caught up with me. We found out last week that we wouldn't be moving to South Carolina in July as planned. No. We're going to Georgia at the end of May.

Have you seen the housing market? I mean, seriously, I have 3 weeks to sell the house. Three. T-H-R-E-E. It's insane.

So, trying to edge out the competition and make our house pretty we replaced the old flooring and put down tiles, new carpet, new everything. That meant all our furniture needed to move out. Including my computer. We're slowly bringing things back in. We're having a garage sale tomorrow. I'm getting rid of baby clothes and books I won't read again (all the ones labeled Pink).

Meanwhile, I've been dragging my feet on writing and been tossed into a weekly short story competition. I might have mentioned this before... I can't write short stories. It just doesn't work. But that's okay, this is for fun and it's good excercise. And, who knows, maybe I'll pick up the knack and send one off to a magazine. Wouldn't that be fun? .............. No, not really. I'd rather have a novel polished and off to an agent or editor. But I'll work with what I get.

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