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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bookends LLC 100 Words Contest

When I woke up this morning the part of my brain that handles rational thought stayed in bed. It's the only excuse I have for putting a science fantasy romance up for a paranormal romance contest.

They didn't have my genre! I write science fiction/fantasy for the most part. Occassionally I dabble with historical fantasy and straight Tolkein-esque fantasy, but even my Dear Husband laughed when he saw me putting something on the computer with a romance header.

There is SOME romance. There's a chaste kiss and the main character is torn between two men. But the romance, such as it is, takes place off screen.....

In all honesty though I don't think I stand a chance. This isn't a piece I've spent hours polishing. The opening is something kooky that gets peoples attention but doesn't tie into the story well. And I know other authors will be putting up work that's ready to query, polished, beautiful, ready for a contract with Tor or Harlequin as the genre may be.


Hope springs eternal though! And today I really hope I can pound out several chapters of rough draft to get back on target and finish up this months novel so I can go rip, shred, and edit the novel I promised myself I wouldn't touch this month because I needed to leave it be for a few weeks. Cross my heart and all that jazz, I really am leaving that silly novel alone.

Not touching a WIP for a month is painful! I want to go edit!

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