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Saturday, January 12, 2008


Yes, I am going to write. I really, really, really am. I just have to get through the block first. I can run around all day thinking up fantastic dialouge and scenes, but when I sit to write at the computer my brain stalls.

This is why it took me far to many years to get my first book to even the finished stage.

My second book took a month to finish. Actually it took the month of November and NaNoWrimo to finish. I've had a critter look it over in the raw form and it is agreed it has potential. So I know it only takes 30 days (with Sundays off) to finish a 75,000 word piece.

So I have my inspiration.... the word count chart. It works wonderfully for first drafts and horribly for every draft thereafter. Seeing your word count drop drastically because you've cut but haven't rewritten four chapters is painful. Necassary, but painful.

Still, I need inspiration. So up the pretty chart went (in an excel file).

Starting word count for my sci-fi cop novel: 30,972
Target word count: 80,000-100,000

I think I can I think I can I think I can......

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