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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Killing a Character

I don't love... no, wait... I HATE bad endings. I hate endings that read like newspaper articles and just stop. I hate endings that rely on deaux machina or whoring out characters for a quick fix. I hate endings that are acheived only by killing off everyone (with the exception of Hamelt)

A bad ending is only eclipsed by a book that begins with the ending. You start the scene with the character saying, "I never meant to die like this, but I'm stupid, and you're stupid too so let me waste an hour of your life telling you about this...."

I'm trying to avoid writing an ending like this. However, for the sake of narrative and plot twists one of my characters needs to die. Why? Well, because the character is a self-centered brat who needs to learn a lesson. And learn it well. Sacraficing themself for a friend is a good way for this character to move beyond being a selfish brat.

Leading up to the death are several incidents, attempted murders if you will. And that's a lot harder to write than a straight out murder.

Have you ever tried to plot a murder with the intent to miss? It's like paying a sniper to nick someones left ear rather than actually shoot them! But that's what I'm doing, taking a high powered rifle and trying to nick someones ear rather than shutting the b****** down.

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