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Lovelies and Villains January Page- TOP SECRET

Hello, lovelies! How were your holidays? I hear the weather was crazy everywhere. Up here in the far north the winter had been mild, which means black ice and dangerous driving.

Here's a quick question for you... Which work-in-progress do you want to see pages from this month? January 21st I'm going to send a special sneak peek at one of my books to the Lovelies and Villains.

Vote in the comments for:
- Decoherence Event (Time & Shadows 3)
- Heroes & Villains 4
- Lady of the Lake
- Soccer Mom of the Apocalypse
- Dungeon Crawl: Bride of War (which is the new book with Lizi the purple-haired necromancer)

Voting closes on the 18th of January.

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Super Quick Quiz!

Which of Liana's Universes Should You Have Lunch In?

Your favorite restaurant is a...
1) Hidden Gem
2) Major Hot Spot
3) Out of the Way
4) Quiet Cafe

Your lunch of choice is something...
1) Exotic
2) Avant Garde Gourmet
3) Like Mom Used To Make
4) Tasty and Familiar

The dress code is...
1) Utilitarian and Casual
2) Ultra-fancy
3) Jeans and Cowboy Boots
4) Whatever, everyone's welcome

After lunch you might...
1) Fly off into the wild, blue yonder
2) Overthrow the government
3) Overthrow another government
4) Save the world

And, last but not least, how will you be paying for lunch?
1) With a smile
2) You'll be skipping out on the bill, and maybe taking some of silverware home
3) Cash
4) Expense Account

Mostly 1's - You'll be dining in the Fey Lights universe. There is probably fish on the menu.

Mostly 2's - Lucky you, you're going to Prime Sensations... it promises to be a meal you'll never forget.

Mostly 3's - Finger-lickin' bbq from Texas is on your menu! You'll be dining in sight of Dr. Charm's Texas castle. Be sure to stop by Longhorn Caverns before you go home.

Mostly 4's - Sounds like you're having lunch at Sam's favorite little Alabama cafe. There's sweet tea, sandwiches, and someone might accuse you of being a clone.


  1. Fey Lights, as for the WIP, I vote for Lady of the Lake.

  2. Ooo, I get Fey Lights! I want jellyfish defenders though.

  3. Oh, and Heroes and Villains 4 of course.

  4. I got the cafe in Alabama :) For the WIP, Heroes & Villains 4

  5. I got Sam's universe for the restaurant :)

  6. ^^ i got 2: 1 and 2 :4 so i do wonder what would be best for me^^

    voting for lady of the lake

    1. There's five questions... what's your tie-breaker?

  7. Evenly split, so Sam's Cafe AND Dr C's BBQ palace. As for the sneak peak?
    Yes. Put me down for each of them. :D

  8. The little Alabama Cafe for me. I also vote for H&V 4 for the WIP.

  9. H&V 4 is winning this race. Make sure your friends sign up and come vote to!

  10. Er, same page for the latest newsletter? *is confused*