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Lovelies and Villains February Page - Shhhhhhhh!

Hello, my lovelies! Welcome to the February page! Enjoy the quiz and the contest, and remember this page will be shutting down for the final weekend in February as we migrate to the new website. With luck (and a lot of backup from people who know Wordpress), the Lovelies and Villains will have a better page in March!
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How would you die in a Liana Brooks novel?

If you hear a scary noise outside while you're in bed you...
1. Grab the weapon from under your pillow and go check it out.
2. Nudge the person sleeping next to you and make them check it out.
3. Hide under your covers.
4. Call the police while hiding in the closet.
5. Sleep straight through it. A little noise isn't waking you up!

The zombie apocalypse has started! Are you ready to go?
1. I was born ready!
2. No, but I have friends who will protect me.
3. Ha! No. I was Patient Zero.
4. I'll follow all instructions and probably die if someone doesn't develop a virus.
5. I have a baseball bat and I can eat canned spam... does that count as ready?

Someone at work threatens you, how do you handle it?
1. My trademark glare puts them in line.
2. I avoid them whenever possible.
3. I tell HR and let them sort it out.
4. I threaten them back even though I know I won't fight them.
5. I start a silent prank war against them and destroy their sanity.

You're the only survivor of a plane wreck in the Congo. Will you make it out alive?
1. Yes! My knowledge will allow me to splint my leg, find water and food, and trek to civilizations.
2. Probably, but only because I'm super charming and the locals came to help me.
3. I thought so, but then the locals who came to help me put me in prison for trespassing.
4. Make it out? No, but I rummage through the plane and live as a hermit for the next decade.
5. I use the remaining fuel to signal for help, and accidentally set the forest on fire killing off three endangered species. But, hey, technically I'm alive!

Last but not least... are you a hero?
1. I don't want to brag, I'm a humble person, but... yes. Yes, I am!
2. Isn't everyone the hero of their own story?
3. I really don't want to be a hero. Heroes have to do hard things, like save the world and have jobs and get shot at. No thanks.
4. I'd like to think so, but probably not.
5. Can I be the anti-hero?

Mostly 1's - Your extensive knowledge of weapons and survival skills will lead you to believe charging into a situation will save the day and you'll die of gun shot wounds in the opening chapter. Sorry, but thrilling heroics are better with a game plan.

Mostly 2's - You aren't hero material, and you aren't looking for a fight, but you have a soft spot for those in need. You'll either die saving someone else's life, or be betrayed by the lonesome underdog who turns out to be a violent psychopath. Sorry about that, you should avoid being a fictional character in the future.

Mostly 3's - You were the test subject for a new cancer cure and turned into a zombie. There is a bright side though, your name will go down in history!

Mostly 4's - You're a by-the-book person who really believes in the saving graces of civilization. But that trust will be your undoing. In a moment of doubt you'll go to someone in power with important information only to realize they were the villain all along. You'll be executed just before the final battle, and by the last chapter your name will be forgotten.

Mostly 5's - You'll nearly die several times, survive through most the series with an almost uncanny amount of good luck, then die in the last pages of the series of an alien virus. Your death will cause the hero to go into a downward spiral of self-destructive behavior and have readers in tears. But, in a final stroke of deus ex machina your notes will lead to the solution to the problem suffered for six books and save the day.


  1. I got an even split of ones and fives (the other was a two). So, I guess I appear to die in the first chapter, then actually die at the end. Huh, sounds like one of *my* books...

    1. Actually, that's how Jane dies so it works. :)

  2. I'm a split between 1 and 2. Go figure. Of course the real answer is I won't die until Liana is finished torturing me about how/when I might meet my demise.

  3. I'm a split between 1 and 2. Go figure. Of course the real answer is I won't die until Liana is finished torturing me about how/when I might meet my demise.

  4. ...I am equal parts 1, 2, 3 and 5, with the tie breaker being the final question, which I can't decide on an answer for :P I feel like I should pick 4, just to be contrary :P :D

    1. I tried to write this test so there wouldn't be ties! There's five questions... I guess I need more next time.

    2. I think it's more about the ratio of answers to questions - five questions should be fine for three possible results, for example

    3. I'll make more questions next time.

  5. What should our next quiz be about?

  6. It's a tie between 2 and 3. The only question that got 5 was the first one because, well, I've slept through thunderstorms while in a trailer before. Getting to sleep can be finicky for me but, once I'm out, I'm out xD

  7. I got ones and fives. I will go out swinging!