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Monday, January 11, 2016

Confession Time

... I still haven't unpacked.

January 10th marks two anniversaries: one full year away from hotel living, and two years since we moved to Kansas.

We've moved 9 times in our 14 years of marriage, and you'd think by now I was the master of setting up house. Like I could snap my fingers and have everything out of the boxes and in its place within hours of arrival.

This assumption is, of course, dead wrong.

There's a box of chocolates the local hotel gave us as an apology for putting us in the wrong room the first night we were in Alaska (January 1st, 2015 if you're wondering)... that box is still sitting on my bathroom counter unopened. I dropped it our first day at this house, and it has sat there ever since. There's a box of unpacked blankets. There's a box of books. There's a box with nothing but curtain rods. I could unpack it with one hand... but I don't know where to put the curtain rods so I leave them there.

Oh, did I mention my curtain rod collection? I never meant to start collecting curtain rods, but here I am, 33 and with an extensive collection of curtains, curtain rods, and none of the windows in this house fit them! That's why I have a collection. Every time I move the house has new window sizes, so I buy new curtains, and I keep the old ones because I believe deep down in my soul that I will one day move into a house that has windows that fit the curtains I already own. It'll be a beautiful day.

So the plan is to actually finish unpacking this week. I'm not sure when, since my schedule is insanely busy, but this is the plan. I will unpack! I will find a place for the curtain rods! I will find floor space and remove the boxes! Rah! Charge!


  1. I still don't understand why you haven't converted to movable cabinets that never need to be unpacked. Place, open, ready to go. It would be so much easier for your nomadic lifestyle.

    1. Because they wouldn't fit every wall we have. We need furniture that can change shape and size. So we have a sectional couch, puzzle piece bookcase... but not all of them are like that, and not all can survive the moves.