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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Summer Hiatus

Summer is here!

Yes, even Alaska gets something like summer. It's not really beach weather, and we don't really have summer nights or sunsets, but it's not freezing and that's good enough for the locals to break out the flip-flops.

Summer means the kids are out of school, my deadline for JANE'S SHADOW is just around the corner, and the blog is going on summer hiatus.

From now until late August (whenever the kids go back to school) there will be two blog posts a week. Tuesdays will be the Impulse Buy of the Week, and Friday's I'll post an update, information about books, things I'm doing, things I'm reading, pictures of any polar bears that move in. That sort of thing. Other posts may appear at random, but don't count on it.

My Twitter feed and FaceBook account will remain active during the summer, but I'm not promising hourly updates or anything crazy.

Enjoy your summer (or winter in Australia). Send me pics if you do anything crazy. And remember to take a good book with you on vacation!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Hiatus. Hope you have a fun and productive summer.