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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Impulse Buy Book of The Week: UNEXPECTED RAIN by Jason LaPier

In a domed city on a planet orbiting Barnard's Star, a recently hired maintenance man has just committed murder. Minutes later, the airlocks on the neighbourhood block are opened and the murderer is asphyxiated along with thirty-one innocent residents.

Jax, the lowly dome operator on duty at the time, is accused of mass homicide and faced with a mound of impossible evidence against him. His only ally is Runstom, the rogue police officer charged with transporting him to a secure off-world facility. The pair must risk everything to prove Jax didn't commit the atrocity and uncover the truth before they both wind up dead.

This interstellar murder mystery is the first in a trilogy. The ebook is available now and the paperback is available for preorder for a November release.

$3.99 at -  
All About Jason:

Born and raised in upstate New York, Jason LaPier lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and his dachshund. In past lives he has been a guitar player for a metal band, a drum-n-bass DJ, a record store owner, a game developer, and an IT consultant. These days he divides his time between writing fiction and developing software, and doing Oregonian things like gardening, hiking, and drinking microbrew. He can be found on Twitter @JasonWLaPier and his blog at http://jasonwlapier.com

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