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Friday, May 1, 2015

Hoss the Dog


Several people have asked what Hoss might look like. In THE DAY BEFORE he's a large, male Boerboel with a faun body and a black mask. He was based on my first boerboel, Sage. She was an older female mastiff we inherited with the rental house in Alabama and she has since passed on to greener pastures. Her favorite thing in the world was standing on her hind legs to bark at "intruders" through the glass window of the front door.

For some reason we never had many visitors...

For those of you familiar with my family's current boerboel, the one who goes by the internet name of Dog, you'll notice Sage's head is considerably smaller. To you a say, good eyes!

Dog begging my friend for a treat.
Dog does have a larger head, not because he's male but because Sage was the runt of her litter. She had other health problems (bad hips, bad eyes, ect) that Dog probably won't have.

Dog also lacks the black mask most boerboels have and he has a full tail. Sage and Hoss both have their tails docked. It's not a practice I approve of (and Ms. Azalea doesn't approve of it either - but Hoss is a rescue pup - bless his heart), but it's done to puppies still sometimes. Once you get thunked in the face by a mastiff tail you can almost understand why. Those things are heavy and they hurt!

Boerboels are wonderful family dogs. They're a non-aggressive breed of guard dog, which means they don't get territorial, but they will stalk you to every room of your house like a three-year-old begging for candy. They can be very well-behaved, but you have to stop their bad habits early. Sage liked to sleep on the bed if you were away, Dog thinks if you're outside and call his name you want to play tag. If you have time to train them properly (and don't mind the aforementioned stalking and finding a mastiff under your chair at all times) then this might be the dog for you!

If you're looking for a pet may I recommend looking up animal rescues in your area. You can be a hero to some loving animal who needs a forever home. ♥

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