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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Looking For Something To Read?

It's Tuesday, you're bored, there's no hope of escaping the week. What are you going to do? Read a book of course!

But you're broke. Payday isn't until Friday. Boo.

Not to worry, I've been there too. Books are a luxury good and sometimes you have to pick between reading material and rent. It's all good. There's a solution for this lack of book in your life.

Short stories! Gory deaths, silly ghosts, a strange literary piece that involves a robotic dog... There's a free short story that goes up in all its messy, early draft glory every week. If you're looking for something to browse on your lunch break, or between meetings, or while a grumpy kid sits on your lap, or while you pet the cat, or while you're bored on your commute, or you find a spare three minutes to read five paragraphs, we have you covered.

Come by, scroll through, and find a free story to get you through the day.

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