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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Waiting For Your Ship To Come In

My ship has finally come in!

No, not the six-figure paycheck or some cheesy metaphor like that, my literal ship. The cargo ship with all the beautiful things that keep me sane like a desktop computer, my desk, and all my books! It's finally arrived and - as far as I know - none of my things wound up at the bottom of the Pacific! Yay!

This means that I'm getting buried under an avalanche of boxes tomorrow, and my edits are still due next Friday. ... look, have you ever wondered what you learned in a public high school by staying up until 5am on the day a project was due? Do you ever wondered what real life application those 24-hour turn around assignments in college had? It's for days like this. The days when life hands you everything while cackling madly and demands that you do it all perfectly with a deadline of yesterday.

TL:DR -- my stuff is here! i have boxes to unpack! it's snowing again! someone get up here and bring chocolate! 

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