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Monday, June 2, 2014

Reviews, Paid Content, and More

Several years ago (early 2012) I posted my rules for paid content and reviews because I was getting an unrealistic number of spam offers and I hoped this would cut things down. For a time, it worked. I have fewer paid content requests these days. What I'm seeing a lot of is review requests.

My lovelies, don't do this. Don't waste your time emailing anyone who doesn't have submission guidelines and an established review site. The good review sites have established audiences, submission guidelines, and usually more than one reviewer. I'm an author. If I negatively review a book, I keep it to myself, because anything else sounds like sour grapes.

There's a faction of the Indie author movement that believes their big break is just one celebrity tweet away. Freakishly enough, there's some evidence for this assumption. Ilona Andrews gushing about your book can make your sales sky rocket. I'm not Ilona Andrews. I'm not even close. I don't have her/their market reach. Me gushing about your book will result in, maybe, my best friend downloading the sample and then remembering she doesn't have time to read.

Even if I had a string of NYT bestsellers under my name I still wouldn't accept free books from unknown authors or write reviews on my blog. That way lies copyright suits and other craziness.

So, once again, here are the house rules. They're displayed next to my email on the side bar.

Paid Content:
 No - I won't pay anyone else to write on my blog. If you or your company writes paid content for blogs, that's wonderful. This is my personal blog as an author and I write my content. Thank you for your interest, good bye.

Paid Advertising: No - I'm not interested in paying for you to place advertisements on this website.

Book Reviews: No - I love reviewers but not a one. Please don't ask me to review or send me a copy of your book.

Guest Post: Maybe - Ideal guest bloggers are familiar with subjects my readers will find interesting: science fiction, science, books, writing, and publishing. I am not interested in your political views, car articles, or rants of any kind.

Blog Tours: Yes - Scheduled in advance and if you provide the content, I am happy to participate in blog tours. I'll even do interviews if you provide a synopsis. (No Erotica or Graphic Horror)

Cover Reveals: Yes - Send me an email with the book blurb and I'll let you know. I can't think of a reason why I would say no, but I'm sure one will show up in my inbox soon enough. (No Erotica or Graphic Horror)

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